Sunday, October 26, 2008

Puddles Aren't Just for Kids

Saturday was a rainy day and we were out of eggs so I took my daughter to a farm market. It's on one of those pick-your-own farms, and they have a really fun playground. After I did the shopping my daughter asked if she could play on the toys. They were soaked, with standing water everywhere, so I started to say no, but then I figured what could it hurt?

It was chilly, and she wasn't wearing rain boots, so I stripped off her tights and shoes and my own, and we went and splashed in the puddles. It was so much fun. The water was only cold for a minute, and then we got used to it and just splashed away. Afterwards we dried off and shared a cup of chili from the market before heading home.

Sunday's (less successful) outing was a walk in the woods by our house. Our HOA has been trying to develop a wooded area into a park. I thought I knew where it was, so we followed a trail down into the woods but it dead-ended near some railroad tracks. I'm just not ready for "off-roading." We played a little bit in our yard when we got back, but company was coming over, so I cut it short to straighten up the kitchen.

I'd say this weekend I learned a little bit of preparation can help. I wish I'd dressed us for the rainy weather on Saturday, and I need to check around and find out if there's a good trail close to the house.

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